Nederman offers the widest range of products and solutions for extraction and filtration of dust and particles, welding fumes, exhaust fumes, oil mist, gases and combustible dust.


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Dust collection systems are integral elements of many manufacturing environments. Anywhere dust particles affects worker health and safety or where smoke, fume or dust is exhausted to atmosphere, a system is put in place to capture those particles.  Baghouse systems, dust collectors and cartridge dust collector systems are also used to capture and collect solids or powders generated as products in process systems.


Nederman MikroPul can look back on more than five decades of experience in this field and have continuously modified and improved the dust collection plants to meet these high demands. As a result of numerous further developments of the FS filter system, the number of wear parts has been minimized and the efficiency of the reverse air cleaning system improved, with a positive impact on availability and life cycle costs.

Carbon Black

Carbon Black is mainly used as a reinforcing filler in automotive tires. The second largest portion of Carbon Black goes into belts and other rubber products. Last Carbon Black is employed in photocopier and laser printer toner, and other inks and paints as a color pigment.


High efficiency fabric filters have been used in the cement industry for more than 40 years. They are used for controlling emissions from cement kilns, clinker coolers, alkali bypass gas streams, finish mills, raw mills, material handling systems, product bagging, and rail load out.


Production of dry chemicals requires the combination of various compounds that react with one another to generate a new chemical material. Processing of dry chemical powder products generates fumes and dust that are typically captured at the source, drawing an air vacuum from containment hoods through ductwork and into a dust collection process.


Treating industrial, hazardous or domestic wastes produced by human activities is a challenge for decades. Producing Energy from sources other than fossil ones is critical and unavoidable. Incinerating waste and producing energy from the heat produced is a technology addressing these challenges.

Food and Pharmaceutical

Food processing plants use dust collection systems not only to capture fugitive dusts but collect them as product as well. Mikropul offers both conventional Mikro-Pulsaire® dust collectors along with Food Grade cylindrical systems as product receivers for pneumatic conveying and storage.


Primary or secondary ventilation of metals manufacturing processes includes melting, purifying and manufacturing of iron, steel, and aluminum to form wide variety of products.

Mining and Mineral Products

Many regulatory and monitoring agencies identify and direct controls over worker and atmospheric exposure of dust. These include the EPA, NIOSH, MSHA, OSHA.  Mining of metal ores, minerals or coal are the primary industries where dust collection systems are used.

Power Generation

High temperature fabric filters and pulse jet dust collectors for fly ash capture and inlet filtration systems for gas turbines.

Pulp and Paper

Wood fibers are combined with water, resins and fillers to create the base wood pulp and paper products.

Rock Products and Glass

Processing of rocks or minerals to make aggregates or glass product materials begins primarily through a series of steps to reduce particle size of a larger rock material. There are a wide variety of dust collection requirements in all phases of rock and glass production.


Natural and synthetic rubbers are used to make a wide variety of products. Dust collection is used as both a process to collect product and as a method to control indoor air quality.

Scrap Recycling

The main equipment consists of cyclone, wet scrubber, bag filter and fan is used for the shredder itself as wise as for the sifter dedusting. Special design allows also a high amount of foil and plastic in the scrap. The equipment is build explosion proof and wear resistant. Dust emission values of < 10 mg/Nm3 are standard.


Nederman Pneumafil, a sister Nederman company, provides air filtration and systems for textile and nonwoven plants.


A wide variety of products can be produced with wood materials, including those consumed / utilized every day (such as toothpicks, pencils, cabinets, furniture). Dust collectors are crucial to wood manufacturing and processing plants.
Fine wood particles to long fibrous strands — these present a challenge for any dust collection system. Reverse Air Filters, pulse jet dust collectors, cartridge collectors and cyclones provide support on dust collection points across the wood industry.